Our Guudylicious Box is designed for kids to have an off-screen, learningful playtime with their parents at home. It provides pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions that you and your child can make together, or for your child to DIY and feel a sense of achievement (for kids who can read and have basic baking skills). Through baking, a child can learn S.T.E.A.M concept, develop their fine and gross motor skills, nurture lifelong skills and give a childhood memory that will last a lifetime.

 Guudylicious is also a perfect activity treat box to bring to playdates, parties, holiday celebrations, and more!

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Karinrat Srismith is the owner of an unique program for children aims to make learning and education fun.



This fortune cookies workshop will sure to entertain both the kids and adults. In this workshop, kids will learn how to make fortune cookies from preparing ‘fortune’ messages and the batter, placing the messages, folding and dipping the cookies in chocolate before decorating them. At the end of the workshop, children will proudly bring home their handmade fortune cookies packed in a takeout box creatively crafted by them;-)


Catherine is a native English speaker from Canada who has been living in Taiwan since 2005. She is mom to two beautiful children and brings both her expertise as a mom and an educator to her classroom. Licensed as a Kindermusik business owner in 2011 she began teaching her first Kindermusik classes early in 2012. Since that time she has continued her professional development and also achieved Orff Level 1 certification from WAOSA in 2014. Previous to teaching Kindermusik she spent 6 years teach- ing English immersion preschool and kindergarten.

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day to awesome daddies!! We treasure the bonding, learningful play time that you had with your child at Kidchen Club! The Annual Father's day is here again. What gift are you ready to send to your dad? This year's Father's day, kidchen club is going to teach everyone to make delicious treat. Come and join us to get creative and give dad a different father's day!

Halloween Cooking Camp

Cook up recipes and enjoy learningful play activities inspired by the classic story tales! We will go far…far away into the kitchen fantasy land!  Let your imagination fly by making some deliciously mouth-watering creative feast and have a learningful play time at our kid-friendly Halloween Day Camp! 

Kids Bento Workshop

🌝Happy Moon Festival: Kids Workshops🌝 (6-12 year old). Let's cook our way to celebrate the coming Mid Autumn Festival.🍱Bento Making🍱(Soboro Donそぼろ丼-Japanese stir fried mince chicken & egg on rice with moon festival inspired decoration and a mochi pop). 

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To grow up having a happy, healthy and well-balanced life, our children need a recipe to help prepare them to be life smart, not just book smart. Kidchen Club believes in the power of food as a learning tool. So we use food and cooking as a launching point to introduce multi-disciplinary subjects, math, science, language, culture and essential life skills to children, which allows them to engage in a fun, hands-on and multi-sensory learning experience.

Green Bites with Broccoli

Time for your child to have a taste of something green! Our theme this week is inspired by vegetable forest and a bunch of monsters! We'll tempt the monsters to eat their greens with delicious broccoli cupcakes! Let your child explore the world of vegetables in a fun and learningful play way in the kitchen!