All New STEAM Winter CAMP

STEAM Venture Camp

Once you have a STEAM mindset to find solution and innovate things, you also need an Entrepreneur mindset to turn it into a reality! This STEAMventure Camp aims to inspire and instill an array of skillset, mindset and ways of thinking and to act on it!

In this half day, week long camp, kids will work on Guudnest’s Circuit Okie Dough project from brainstorming and researching to identifying problems & coming up with solutions to product development & product introduction! It’s a time for our children to Think & Act on ideas like an entrepreneur, Inquire like a Scientist, design like a Technologist, solve like an Engineer, create like an Artist and analyze like a Mathematician— this mindset and future ready skills will equip them to thrive in learning and living in the 21st century.

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There’s a little artist inside all of us. Time for our budding chefs to transform the works of world famous artists into a real sensory gourmet experience! Throughout the week, we will get to know more about the world greatest artists to learn and explore their iconic art works, be inspired and create our own work of art in both edible and non-edible form! Each day, kids will make their own lunch inspired by the covered artist before creating their own artwork and apply the unique art style and techniques they just learned in a STEAMulating project. Oh my goodness! Art inspired-food just taste better and STEAM-fueled brain just got wittier!! What a real Sensory Culinary Art experience!

Gourmet Artist Camp (6-12Yrs) Book Now

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