Safety Precautions at GUUDNEST

The outbreak of COVID-19 is a good reminder for us all to practice good hygiene habits and follow precautionary procedures to keep infections at bay.

【 Updated on August 4, 2021 】
With the recent lifting of the level 3 alert from the government, we are now reopening our in-person workshops and camps beginning August 16th, and to keep everyone's safety at bay, we will still comply with the CDC and government's regulations.

In addition to the government's guidelines and to keep our community healthy and safe, non-vaccinated GUUDNEST staff will be tested 3 days before we open our workshops and camps. 

【 Updated on July 9, 2021 】
In line with the government announcement of the pandemic alert level 3 extension today, we will be putting our in-person summer camps on hold until July 9th to ensure the safety of everyone in the community.

If you have signed up for our Summer Camp this June 2021, please see the information below for our cancellation and refund policy. 

In-person camps may not be possible at the moment, but Learningful Play is possible even at the comfort of your home, we are introducing our 'COOK UP a CAMP in a BOX', where your little one can join our Virtual Summer Camp at the comfort and safety of your home.


【 Updated on May 15, 2021 】
In line with the government announcement of the pandemic alert level 3 today, it is with a heavy heart to announce that we will be canceling all workshops from today until May 28th.

If pandemic level 3 persists, all camps will be rescheduled and your credits will remain. 
For cancellation details, please read more below.

Please take care and protect yourself and your loved ones from illness.
With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to comply with the government-mandated social distancing, we would like to inform our GUUDNEST community that we are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of each of our members. Let’s all do our part and keep our family and community healthy and strong

With this, please see below extra precautionary steps that we will be implementing effective today:

  • Contact Tracing QR Code: Guests who will enter GUUDNEST must immediately scan our government-provided QR Code Contact Tracing.
  • Drop off and Pick up: Parents of OWLET and FLEDGLING attendees may drop off and pick up their little one outside the store. 
  • Social Distancing. We will only allow a maximum of 8 children per workshop. Only 1 parent or guardian to accompany your little one in our Chick program.
  • Wearing of Mask. Everyone is required to wear a mask inside GUUDNEST at all times. 
  • Hand Sanitation. Upon check-in, everyone is required to undergo hand sanitation by spraying alcohol on both hands.
  • Temperature Check. Upon check-in, everyone is required to have their temperatures checked before proceeding to the workshop area.
  • Alcohol. We have alcohol spray placed everywhere for parents and kids to use at any time. Feel free to help yourself.
  • Disinfected Areas. We clean and disinfect our areas at all times with alcohol and bleach solution. Toys for playing have been removed to ensure safety.
  • Observation at Home. If you have been away during the holiday or have been in contact with someone on holiday and/or traveled, we would like to request you and your child to stay home and follow quarantine procedures mandated by the government safety of everyone. We thank you for your corporation and understanding. 
If you or your child feels unwell and/or has a fever within 24 hours, please cancel your workshop as soon as possible; do not force them to attend classes.

Contact Tracing Form

Cancellation of the Camp due to COVID-19:

If the camp has to be canceled due to the Taipei City Government’s announcement of COVID-19 measures (pandemic alert level 3 and 4), a refund will be made after deduction of the following fees depending on the situation:

If the camp hasn't started yet, you have 3 options: 
Option1: Keep your credit as class points for future use.
Option2: Full payment refund (bank fees apply).
Option3: Join our Virtual Summer Camp  - we have COOK UP a CAMP in a BOX, please click link below for more details. 

Please let us know which option you prefer and we hope to have your little one join our Virtual Summer Camp. Stay safe.


If the camp has started, attended camp class and food handling fees will also apply. 
  • Administration Fee (15% of the original camp price)
  • Camp Fee (original price amount ÷ total booked class x number of attended class)
  • Food Handling Fee ($300 x number of unattended class)

Other important information to note:

The measures detailed in this announcement will take effect immediately, a separate notice will not be issued. However, we may take several temporary measures in response to changes to the epidemic situation accordingly. We ask that members follow our news and updates to stay informed.

Updated on July 9, 2021.

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