Safety Precautions at GUUDNEST

Please take care and protect yourself and your loved ones from illness. The outbreak of COVID-19 is a good reminder for us all to practice good hygiene habits and follow precautionary procedures to keep infections at bay. Let’s all do our part and keep our family and community healthy and strong🤝

📣With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to comply with the government mandated social distancing, we would like to inform our Guudnest community that we are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of each of our members. With this, please see below extra precautionary steps that we will be implementing effective today:

  • Precautionary Survey. We would require all attendees to fill out Guudnests precautionary survey before joining our workshop each time as we constantly update our survey to reflect any changes announced by the government. 
    (Please refer to this link:

  • Social Distancing. We will only allow a maximum of 8 children per workshop. For Chick program, only 1 parent will be allowed to join the workshop.

  • Wearing of Mask. Both parent and child are required to wear a mask inside Guudnest at all times. Please feel at ease when attending your workshops.

  • Temperature Check. To protect yourself and your family, please wear masks, wash your hands (with soap) and disinfect with alcohol prior to participating in your class activities. All teachers and assistants will also undergo our temperature screening and follow our prevention policies.

  • Hand Sanitation. Upon check in, everyone would be required to undergo hand sanitation by spraying alcohol on both hands.

  • Alcohol. We have alcohol spray placed everywhere for parents and kids to use any time. Feel free to help yourself.

  • Disinfected Areas. We clean and disinfect are areas at all times with alcohol and bleach solution. Toys for playing has been removed to ensure safety.

  • Observation at Home. If you have been away during the holiday or has been in contact with someone who is on holiday and/or travelled, we would like to request for you and your child to stay home and follow quarantine procedures mandated by the government to ensure the safety of everyone.

We thank you for your corporation and understanding.

Gentle Reminder:

  1. If you or your child is feeling unwell, and/or has a fever within 24 hours, please cancel your workshop as soon as possible; do not force them to attend classes.
  2. Prevention Tips: wear a mask, wash your hands and use disinfectant regularly. We ask parents for their assistance and cooperation. Thank you!

Other important information to note:

-The measures detailed in this announcement will take effect immediately, a separate notice will not be issued. However, we may take a number of temporary measures in response to changes to the epidemic situation accordingly. We ask that members follow our news and updates to stay informed.

-Guudnest reserves the right to the interpretation and translation of this announcement.

👉With the ongoing epidemic of COVID-19, we at Guudnest will try to ensure that the health and safety of everyone attending our workshop is our concern. To follow the safety standard of International schools and to abide by the safety recommendations of the Taiwan government, please give a few minutes of your time to fill out this survey.  Updated on April 21, 2020.

GUUDNEST Travel Survey

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