Safety Precautions at Guudnest

Please take care and protect yourself and your loved ones from illness. The outbreak of the Coronavirus is a good reminder for us all to practice good hygiene habits and follow precautionary procedures to keep infections at bay. Let’s all do our part and keep our family and community healthy and strong🤝

📣In view of the novel Coronavirus outbreak, we have tightened up our health and good hygiene practices as well as included some precautionary measures to ensure that we have a healthy environment for learningful play once our workshops, camps and activities resume on Thursday January 30th.

🌡There will be a temperature check upon check in. If the body temperature is above 37.5C, the child will not be allowed to attend the workshop. If your child appears unwell, and/or has fever within 24 hours, please contact our staff to ask for a sick leave.

💧🤚We have increased hand sanitizers on our premise to encourage more usage frequency. However, observe good personal hygiene by practicing frequent handwashing with soap is recommended.

😷Wear a mask during their time at Guudnest.

🏠Observation at Home
If you have travelled or your family has travelled to places where cases of the Coronavirus infection have been confirmed or to places where visitors from Wuhan, China were reported, please closely observe your health and follow the advice from the Taiwanese Health authority. Guudnest allows you to keep full credit and reschedule your booking.

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