December:Wise Owl says, Winter is the Warmest Season

December: Wise Owl says, Winter is the Warmest Season

The gust of wind is here and you can already feel the chilly air of winter. But, as the wise owl says, “Winter is the Warmest Season”. Why is that, you wonder?

Fly in the warm and welcoming home of Guudy as we decorate our nest with Holiday Wreath Bread and Gingerbread Christmas Tree. Hmm.. the smell of Christmas and cinnamon is tuu guud! Feel the warmth and sip a steamy bowl of Ravioli Soup made from scratch while reading a heartwarming story called The Mitten as we huddle with the Gingerbread Man and his family on a cold day like this. Feeling the warmth yet? STEAM up and measure the warmth with a homemade thermometer especially made in the science kitchen. Definitely a sweet ending to a year full of warmth, love, and joy.

The magic holiday is about to begin this December. Share the HappiNEST, and have fun in the LearnigfulNEST while enhancing your SkillfulNEST and enjoy the HealthiNEST this jolly holiday! See you at Guudnest!

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