August-Awesome August

Awesome August Monthly Program

Let's kick off August awesomely together! This entire month's program is dedicated to celebrate all kinds of awesome including our special person in life, the awesome daddy with a special recipe, "Double Love, Double Cheeseburger". Happy Father’s Day!

Let's explore what makes us awesome and what we can do to be awesomer! Thinking, feeling and acting, we make it all awesome! This month we will cook delicious recipes and use them to remind us to stay awesome! "Ricotta Cheese Cookie with Orange Candy" reminds us to say 'Cheese' more often! "Chocolate Lava Cake" reminds us to keep our volcano in control, and only erupt when we want to eat the yummy hot lava! "Broccoli Cupcake" reminds us to include something green in our food to keep our body awesomely healthy! Our awesome month ends with a delicious and refreshing "Mello Mochi Fruit Salad with Red Bean", a recipe with a reminder to bounce back and see the colorful side of life to have an awesome time!

With an awesome mind, good things will follow! Come join us on this awesome mission through food and learningful play time in the kitchen!

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