Cook and feed yourself a recipe for life, preparing to be a globally-minded and street smart world citizen with our brand new "Around the World in One Tasty Summer" culinary-led, learningful program. Take on a unique angle to explore the world from Art, Innovation, History, exotic Mother Earth creations, Festivals & Celebrations. This program is exclusively designed and offered at Tianmu Store.

Check out the camp venue and a day in life as a camper!

Camp Fee (5-12yrs old):
Half-Day Camp = $1,800 / 18 Points
One-Day Camp = $3,000 / 30 Poinnts (Retail $3,600)
Five-Half Days = $7800 / 78 Points (Retail $9,000)
Five-Full Days = $12,500 / 125 Poinnts (Retail $18,000)

Please buy points before booking!

Exclusive Offer from now until June 15th, 2019:
You will receive an Extra $300 Bonus for every $3,000 you spend, when booking Around the World Summer Camp from June 17th ~ August 31st 』 We also Welcome 2 People Book and Share the Bonus together. So Book More and Earn More Bonus!

**Private group booking & customized summer camp program for younger age kids is available upon request**

Kidchen Club Tianmu is a proud developer of a unique food-led program that aims to inspire and unleash children’s potential through the integration of hands-on, multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary subjects which connect children to daily living and the world around them (Copyright 2019)


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