MOMent in Our Life

MOMent in Our Life: May Workshops for Kids, Adults and Private Booking at Kidchen Club Tianmu Store

Food is a sign of love that carries a special taste of memory of the woman behind every MOMent of our life - MOM. In this special month of Mother's Day, we will honor our beloved Moms and treat her to a feast inspired by the 'tender,' 'sweet,' 'warm,' and 'flavorful' MOMents that we have with her.

Come celebrate with us as we reflect on MOMents and cook up delicious and meaningful recipes such as 'Tender Mamamia Focaccia,' 'Sweet Mother's Day Cake,' 'Warm Burrito Hug,' and "Flavorful Layer of Love Lasagna.' We will then serve it to our Mom as a way of saying, "I appreciate and cherish my every MOMent with YOU."


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