Second Supermom - Mommy Chialin

"GUUDNEST is a magical kitchen. Sometimes they’re in Halloween costumes, the next time you see them, there's Santa Clause."

Mommy Charline's 2 wonderful boys Ethan, almost 8 years old and Kyle almost 5 years old practically grew up in GUUDNEST'S kitchen. The siblings have been baking, cooking and is having a learningful playtime since 2016! They slowly grew from Chicks and transitioned to Owlet and Fledgling. What an awesome way to grow up!

We asked our 2nd Supermom to know why she decided to have her boys come and have a learningful playtime with us! Let's read on so we can all get inspired, learn, and keep growing together just like Ethan and Kyle!

We have a suprise waiting for you! Read on to find out! 

▏What made you decide to let Ethan and Kyle attend GUUDNEST workshop?
When Ethan was 2.5 years old and is entering his toddler years with curiosity, I decided to look for interesting, natural and diverse activities and found GUUDNEST.

▏When you first joined our workshop, do you have anything specific that you want Ethan and Kyle to learn? (Sensory Skills, Social Skills, English Speaking, etc.)
At that time, I hoped that my children would experience foreign language immersion, develop their self-confidence through completion of task with other kids and learn Sensory Skills.

▏What can you say are the benefits of joining our program?
Children get to cook and bake delicious meals in the class while freely immerse themselves in a foreign language environment minus the pressure.
The most important thing is once they can be independent in the class, moms can enjoy their alone time and have a good cup of coffee.

▏What surprised you the most about our workshop?

The class recipes are amazingly good!

▏Both Ethan and Kyle grew up joining our workshops from Chicks to Fledgling, what improvements did you see that made you decide to let them continuously join our activities?
Being immersed in different cultures benefitted them, their creativity became infinite, and best of all, they are comfortable helping me out in the kitchen. This is a big plus for the boys in the future.

▏If there’s one word you could describe your little one’s experience with us, what would it be and why?

Magical. Sometimes they’re in Halloween costumes, the next time you see them, it’s Santa Clause.
Our family has created a lot of delicious memories here with their interesting experiments and their amazingly delicious recipes!

▏If you were to recommend GUUDNEST to other moms, what would you say?
If you want to cherish the ‘golden period’ between you and your child before they start entering school, or if you want to lay a strong foundation for your child through language immersion and activities, GUUDNEST is definitely an excellent choice for you. Don’t miss out!

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