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"If I had to describe Cora's experience in cooking class, it would be "enthralled"!", says mommy Diane

GUUDNEST has always been a bilingual workshop which uses cooking and baking as a tool to teach children about STEAM, Sensory skills and a Growth Mindset. Most of the time, parent's sign up their children to immerse them in the English language and environment, but, what if their native tongue is already in English?  What other learningful play can a child learn at GUUDNEST? Read on to find out! 

What made you decide to let your Cora attend GUUDNEST workshop?

We first brought Cora to Guudnest for a workshop because Ms. Karin gave Cora's dad an easter decorating box. She loved decorating her own sugar cookies so much, we had to come in and see how she would do in a full cooking-class. She first attended for Mother's Day when she was 2, and those cookies are some of the best she's ever made! We're so excited to attend this Mother's Day now that she is 3 and really compare how much she's grown and learned.

When you first joined our workshop, do you have anything specific that you want Cora to learn? 
(Sensory Skills, Social Skills, English Speaking, etc.)
When we first started coming to cooking classes, Cora was not in preschool. We were looking for a place where she could learn routines of a classroom setting and also socialize with other kids. It was a very easy to organize playdate for her on Saturday mornings!

Given that Cora’s first language is English, and since most people come to GUUDNEST to learn English, what other factors do you see that made you decide to join our workshops?
We hoped that Cora would learn positive routines through the cooking class. She knows how to follow directions from her teacher, respond when asked questions, take turns with materials, and play independently and collaboratively. We also hoped that she would learn to experiment with and try food we don't always have at home.

What can you say are the benefits of joining our program?
There are so many benefits to taking Cora to classes at Guudnest. She socializes with peers her age, she learns a lesson through the read aloud, she practices taking turns, and she develops fine motor skills through food preparation and decoration. Also, it's a great opportunity for parents to make friends and socialize with other parents, too!

What surprised you the most about our workshop?
One thing that surprised me about the workshop was how detail oriented and well-thought out each lesson is. The class always fits with the monthly theme, the read aloud fits with what the food is, there are visual decorations that fit, toys/activities to match, and often there is music to match as well. It is clear that the teachers care a lot about their classes and students with the amount of care that goes into each lesson.

If there’s one word you could describe your little one’s experience with us, what would it be and why?
If I had to pick one word that describes Cora's experience in cooking class, it would be "enthralled"!

If you were to recommend GUUDNEST to other moms, what would you say?
I would definitely recommend Guudnest to other families. I think that it is the perfect way to start the weekend with my daughter. She learns from a teacher, she plays with her peers, she creates something she can later eat, and she is exposed to new stories and themes that she might not experience at home. 

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