6-12YO STEAM Summer Cooking Camp

6-12YO Summer Camp 2022: One Globe, Many Worlds
GUUDNEST’s creative and innovative camps integrate interdisciplinary subjects and provide perspective on different worlds that can tap into a child’s natural curiosity and make relevant connections to their real-life experiences. Thus, children are able to make a meaningful connection and engagement in applying both existing and new knowledge and know-how into their daily challenge learning quest.

Here are the 6 awesome worlds awaiting you to explore and experience this Summer!

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❐ Summer Camp - One Globe, Many Worlds 

❐ Bilingual Summer Cooking Camp at GUUDNEST

1. World Festival
▪ June 6 - 10 (5Days)
▪ July 18 - 22 (5Days)
It’s a week of cooking celebration! We will travel and enjoy the festivities all around the world while learning the festival’s origin, the country’s geography, and culture.

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2. Artsy & Tasty World
▪ June 13 - 17 (5Days)
▪ July 25 - 29 (5Days)
There’s a little artist inside all of us. Time for our budding chefs to transform the works of world-famous artists into a real sensory gourmet experience! Oh my goodness! Art inspired-food just taste better and STEAM-fueled brain just got wittier!! What a real Sensory Culinary Art experience!

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3. S.T.E.A.M. Entrepreneur World
▪ June 20 - 24 (5Days)
▪ August 1 - 5 (5Days)
It’s time for our children to Think & Act on ideas like an entrepreneur, Inquire like a Scientist, design like a Technologist, solve like an Engineer, create like an Artist and analyze like a Mathematician— the mindset and future ready skills for them to thrive in learning and living in the 21st century.

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4. Wander in the Wild World
▪ June 27 - July 1 (5Days)
▪ August 8 - 12 (5Days)
Are you ready for the wildest escape week around the world? Let’s wander together in the wild world where learning about the local ecology system and discovering the amazing life of living creatures is the perfect destination.

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5. Imagineer World
▪ July 4 - 8 (5Days)
▪ August 15 - 19 (5Days)
When engineering meets imagination, you can expect creative solutions and innovations.
Each day, while the knowledge of the daily learning theme is incorporated with the cooking activities, kids are inspired and encouraged to come up with their own solution to an open-ended, fun engineering challenge.

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6. S.T.E.A.M. Invention World
▪ July 11-15 (5Days)
▪ August 22-26 (5Days)
Each day, we will explore innovation and invention from a different field and learn how past and present inventors’ came up with inventions to solve a problem! From the ancient greatest invention, the world’s famous architecture, space discovery, human and technology to energy and renewable energy!

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If you have any questions about our classes, you may send us a message through our official LINE or feel free to call us at 02-2874-8825. A GUUDNEST team member will be happy to assist you in any way we can!

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