Fall Sept Program: Ready Up for School

September Autumn Program: Ready UP for School

It's time to Get Ready for School!
Kickstart the new school year with some wise tips from Guudy, the wise owl:

Tip 1-- Absorb Wisely through fun learning with passion
Tip 2-- Think Wisely like a smart cookie, stretch and grow your brain
Tip 3-- Celebrate Wisely with the Rabbit on the Moon
Tip 4-- Eat Wisely with good balance of the 5 food groups
Tip 5-- Play Wisely along with old and new friends while being joyful and mindful

SIgn up for our weekly workshop tips to keep your kids going and have a learningful and maeaningful school year this 2021!

Special celebration of the month: Mid-Autumn Festival
After nights of sitting and watching bunny on the moon, it’s time for the little owls to pay tribute to the most beautiful full Moon time of the year by baking Bunny Mooncake! Come join our special workshop to connect children with holiday traditions with a creative twist: Bunny Mooncake and Bunny on the Moon Bento!

We're glad that we have finally surpassed the COVID-19 restrictions and we can reopen our workshops again starting August 16! Since we're slowly opening again, safety measures are still in place to keep you and everyone around you healthy and safe. Let's continue to work together to keep everyone safe. Please refer to the link for our safety preventive measures during our workshop.

Kicking off the school year by kicking away the virus! We will be giving away GUUDNEST Tea Tree Hand Sanitizer to all our workshops attendees for the month of September. Protect yourself and everyone around you.

Please click the link for details

Please select the right age group below and book for your kids!

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