Let’s GROW Full STEAM Ahead This Summer!

UNBOX a Tasty & Learningful Play Summer with GUUDNEST’s Stay Home & Cook On Package

Oh my GUUDNEST! We are now adding a distance learning program for your child to enjoy our signature classes within the safety and comfort @home!

Let them GROW (not just go) through this challenging time by continuing to learn and develop their food knowledge, cooking skills, and STEAM mindset while gaining a sense of independence and accomplishment from being in charge of making their snack and meal.  

Introducing GUUDNEST’s full STEAM ahead ‘COOK UP a CAMP in a BOX’

Each box features GUUDNEST’s weekly popular camp theme which includes recipe sheets, pre-measured ingredients, and activities that will definitely keep your kids engaged throughout the day. Campers will also participate in our interactive, live virtual camp twice per day with a GUUDNEST instructor.

For the FIRST TIME EVER, we bring GUUDNEST’s 6 popular CAMP themes in a BOX!  You may sign up for one day theme, or sign up for all 6-day themed camps for a summer-long experience with amazing offers!

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Check Out Our 6 CAMP Themes in a BOX!

1. World Festivals - Cinco de Mayo: Mexico
  • Make a meal: Mexican Tortilla
  • Make a snack: Flan
  • STEAMulating Learning Kit: Fiesta Piñata
  • Facts of Mexico and its food!

2. Artsy & Tasty World - Jason Freeny
  • Make a meal: Bare Bear Burger
  • Make a snack: Anatomy Pancake Art
  • STEAMulating Learning Kit: Human Anatomy & Apron Art inspired by Freeny
  • Artist Introduction: Jason Freeny’s Life & Art Style

3. STEAMventure World - Mission Untangle
  • Make a meal: Untangled Udon Salad
  • Make a snack: Splatter Cookies
  • STEAMulating Learning Kit: Fancy Up an Ordinary Dough
  • Entrepreneur Brain Buster Activity

4. Wander in the Wild World - Sahara Dessert
  • Make a meal: Sand Bread Pizza
  • Make a snack: Desert in a Dessert Cup
  • STEAMulating Learning Kit: Nomad Shelter
  • Life in the Desert


5. Imagineer World - Space Touring
  • Make a meal: Space Bun – Steamed Pork Bun
  • Make a snack: Gravity Cupcake
  • STEAMulating Learning Kit: Smooth Blast Off
  • Let’s travel in space

6. STEAM Invention - Energy Innovation
  • Make a meal: Electro Dough Carbonara
  • Make a snack: S’mores in a Cup
  • STEAMulating Learning Kit: S’more Oven
  • Energy is everywhere!

GUUDNEST’s ‘COOK a CAMP in a BOX is suitable for campers ages between 5-12 years old. Younger-aged children may need assistance with some steps.

A list of the ingredients and equipment needed for class will be sent to you at least 1 week before the Live Zoom class. Most ingredients are everyday supplies, which are usually readily available in your pantry or can be purchased from a supermarket. Many recipes are flexible to allow families to pick and choose the ingredients they like (i.e., filling for a burger, toppings for a pizza).

What's in a Cook Up a Camp Box?
  • 2 cooking and/or baking recipes (lunch and snack)
  • Good quality pre-measured ingredients (exclude fresh, perishable ingredients)
  • Easy-to-follow cooking and/or baking instructions
  • STEAM-led, learningful play kit & edutaining activity sheets
  • Our virtual camp comes with a packed program and LIVE classes via Zoom hosted by GUUDNEST’s experienced instructors, along with fun games and activities. Students will be guided with step-by-step instructions when the session begins as the instructor demonstrates and cooks alongside your budding chef. 
  • Receive a link to the video page and other learningful materials. If you miss the LIVE Zoom class, you can do the activity in your own leisure time with our pre-recorded Zoom camp class. 
  • Closed Facebook group support where your child can make new friends, share their final products, and get to meet like-minded parents.

Reference 1: Cook Up Camp Box of Artsy & Tasty World - Jason Freeny.

Reference 2: Cook Up Camp Box of Artsy & Tasty World - Jason Freeny.

How does it work?

  1. Pick your favorite BOX! We have 6 different COOK UP a CAMP in a BOX themes to choose from.
  2. Unbox and check the instructions, pre-measured ingredients, and learning materials that come with the BOX. 
  3. Follow the checklist, gather fresh ingredients and cooking tools, and check the LIVE class time & ZOOM link.
  4. Set up for success! Ready your cooking space & Mise En Place! Set up a laptop with a camera on.
  5. Join the Live ZOOM class, or start to play the recorded clip!   
  6. Let's COOK UP a fun CAMP in a BOX! Time to GROW full STEAM ahead with delicious food & fun learning!
  7. Share your food and what you have learned and created with your family and our closed Facebook group community!
  8. Oh My GUUDNEST! You did it! GUUDY will award you a TWIG for your successful completion! How many twigs will you collect this Summer?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much does a box cost?
  • 1 box = $ 1,200 (original price)
  • Trial Box= $1,080
  • 6 boxes = $5,880 (save $1,320) Limited-Time-Offer

Do I have to sign up for all 6 CAMP themes of COOK UP a CAMP in a BOX?
  • No, you may choose to sign for just 1 camp or all 6 camps.

What are the recommended ages for COOK UP a CAMP in a BOX?
  • Our box is great for kids 5-12, and for the family to enjoy as well.

How much parent involvement is needed?
  • We value your child’s safety in every way, hence, we highly encourage parents to participate during the cooking and cutting activity. This activity would also create a special bond between you and your little one.

Where do I pick up my box?
  • You may pick up the boxes at GUUDNEST Tianmu store.

Can I have my box shipped?
  • Yes, you may have your box or boxes shipped to your place at your cost.

Which courier do you use?
  • We use Lalamove for same-day delivery or we can also ship through any convenient stores. Due to COVID-19 crisis, we cannot guarantee that your order will arrive on time.

What are the supplies included in the COOK UP a CAMP in a BOX?
  • Boxes will include pre-measured dried ingredients and STEAM activity materials. An ingredient list will be provided in advance so you can shop for fresh ingredients. You need to provide your own cooking and baking tools and basic supplies such as scissors, and coloring pencils.

How do I log on to my zoom meeting?
  • We will send out instructions for Zoom meetings at least one day before the meeting.

What time is my Zoom meeting?
  • Fun learning activity based on the camp theme & Cook your own lunch 10:30 - 12:00
  • Afternoon snack + STEAM Learningful play activities 15:30 - 16:30
  • If you miss the LIVE Zoom class, you can do the activity in your own leisure time with our pre-recorded Zoom camp class. 

ZOOM Dates:

  • Imagineer World: July 10
  • STEAM Invention: July 17
  • World Festival: July 24
  • Artsy &Tasty World: July 31
  • Entrepreneur World: August 7
  • Wander in the Wild World: August 14

What should I expect during the Virtual Camp?
  • Students will be guided with step-by-step instructions when the session begins as the instructor demonstrates and cooks alongside your budding chef. The recipes we use are tried and tested during the past 9 years we have been running cooking classes and camps. So the instructor knows by heart and can educate and entertain the kids throughout the process.

Can I transfer my regular camp payment to COOK UP a CAMP in a BOX?
  • GUUDNEST Summer Camp is following the COVID-19 situation and will continue to be compliant with the Taiwan government’s recommendations. Should your camp be canceled because of the pandemic, you have an opportunity to transfer your funds to COOK UP a CAMP in a BOX.

Do I receive all of the camp-themed boxes at one time?
  • No, you will receive each camp theme box 5-7days before the online class begins.

Can I change the camp-themed boxes after the purchase?
  • This would depend on whether your order has been processed and premade already.

What happens if I receive the wrong camp-themed boxes or missing some item in the box?
  • Please check as early as possible after you receive the camp boxes within 1-2days, so we can replace you with the correct ones.
    Please write to us either by email, FB messenger or LIne to inform us about the replacement.

Can I return the camp box and swap it with another themed box?
  • Sorry, the camp box is a preorder customized product for online class teaching materials, so 7 days return policy does not apply here, therefore please select the camp theme you like when you buy online.

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