Jan-Feb Program : 2021 My Best Year Yet!

Let's embrace the new year with a Growth Mindset and STEAMulating recipes that will help you discover the power of YET!

#Cultivate little owls to flourish through 5 senses of learning, STEAMulating approach  
#Nurture characters to support educational and social performance

Winter Program:  My Best Year Yet!

"Whoo, whoo are you in the Chinese Zodiac?", the wise owl asks.
Do you demonstrate good traits from your Zodiac animal or do you aspire to be part of the other Zodiac animals?
Join our quest to explore as we cook up character traits that will give you a real hoot in this coming year! As the Ox says, “hard work, pays off”, let take this wisdom and try our best as we take on our STEAMulating recipe that comes with Learningful ingredients.

To kick-off our new year, we'll roll and stretch to our potential with ‘Extraordinary Long Noodle Salad’ and then work toward our goal while taking it one step at a time with our “Ladder of Success Radish Cake” for 2021!
Join us this January as we cook up character traits that will make the next 12 months your best year ever! Oh my Guudnest! Learning couldn't have been this tasty and fun!

Week 1: Jan 5th – 9th
Theme: Lucky New Year 
STEAMulating Recipe: Prosperity Steamed Cake with Fortune Cookie  
Learning Quest: How long can you hold on to your luck?

Week 2: Jan 12th – 16th
Theme: Find the good character in me 
STEAMulating Recipe: Caracter Steamed Bun with Red Bean Filling  
Learning Quest: Whoo Whoo are you in the Chinese Zodiac Year?

Week 3: Jan 9th – 23th
Theme: Stretch it to my full potential  
STEAMulating Recipe: Extraordinary Long Udon Noodle Salad 
Learning Quest: Stretch it to my full potential

Week 4: Jan 26th – 30th
Theme: Go Up One Step at a time  
STEAMulating Recipe: Ladder of Success Radish Cake
Learning Quest: How to reach your goal?

Week 5: Feb 2nd – 6th
Theme: Fill & Wrap with Blessings  
STEAMulating Recipe: Dumpling with Pork and Cabbage Filling 
Learning Quest: Ways to fill and wrap with all the blessings

Week 6: Feb 9th – 19th
Theme: Sweet Wishes for the New Year   
STEAMulating Recipe: Pineapple Cake 
Learning Quest: How do you deliver your wishes?

Week 7: Feb 23th – 27th
Theme: Happy Family Reunion    
STEAMulating Recipe: Sweet Glutinous Rice Ball (Tang Yuan) 
Learning Quest: Let’s stick together. The more the merrier!

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