December Program : Winter Warmest Wishes

GUUDNEST has a collection of holiday goodness that will warm your heart, delight your senses and create your fondest holiday memory ever!

December: Winter Warmest Wishes
A gust of wind is blowing, and we can already feel the chilly air of winter. 
But, as the wise owl says, “Winter is the Warmest Season”. Why is it, we wonder?
Fly into the warm and welcoming home of Guudy as we decorate our nest with Holiday Wreath Bread and Gingerbread Christmas Tree.
Hmm. the smell of Christmas and cinnamon is Tuu Guud!

Feel the warmth and sip a steamy bowl of Ravioli Soup made from scratch while reading a heartwarming story called The Mitten as we huddle with the Gingerbread Man and his family on a cold day like this.

Feeling the warmth yet?
STEAM up and measure the warmth with a homemade thermometer especially made in the science kitchen.
We will wrap up our wonderful holiday month by extending our warm wishes to Frosty the snowman!

If there is one kind of warmth that we want to stay away from, it is Global warming!
Let’s explore how our little hands can help slow down Frosty’s melting cycle before getting back into the kitchen to bake Frosty the snowman cupcakes!

What a meaningful and sweet ending to a year full of warmth, love, and joy!
Let’s kick off this magical, jolly holiday season together!

Week 1:
Dec 1st – 5th
Theme: Winter Warm Wrap
STEAMulating Recipe: Ravioli in a Warm Soup
Learning Quest: How to keep warm in Winter Wonderland?

Week 2: Dec 8th – 12th
Theme: Winter Warm Wishes
STEAMulating Recipe: Fruity Holiday Envelope Pie
Learning Quest: Magic Seal for a Letter to Santa

Week 3: Dec 15th – 18th

Theme: Winter Warm Heart Bring People Together
STEAMulating Recipe: Gingerbread Cookie Family
Learning Quest: Bonding time!

Week 4: Dec 22nd – 26th
Theme: Warm Welcome Home
STEAMulating Recipe: Holiday Bread Wreath with Ham and Cheese Filling
Learning Quest: How do you measure the warmth?

Week 5: Dec 29th – Jan 2nd  
Theme: Stay Warm on the inside 
STEAMulating Recipe:  Frosty Snowman Holiday Cupcake
Learning Quest: Save Frosty from Global Warming

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