Fall Program: Flourishing Fall

Whoo whoo… are inspired to flourish into their greatest potential with your thinking, being and doing this Fall? Little owls are born curious and wise; and with essential tips & skills and good nourishment for body & mind, they can flourish to explore new heights while staying well-rounded, cute and fluffy with their good characters. Fly in to explore our 3 monthly themes from September to November this Fall: Get Ready for SchoolSay BOO to Bad Habits and Unlimited Acts to Gratitude

#Cultivate little owls to flourish through 5 senses of learning, STEAMulating approach  
#Nurture characters to support educational and social performance
September: Ready Up for School
Getting ready for school take more than just supplies! Come explore and collect the wise tips for you to be fully ready to kick start the new school year the bright owl way—'Eat Wisely’ with a good balance of 5 food groups and a rainbow colors of fruits and vegetables, ‘Think wisely’ like a smart cookie with mochi chewy in the center to remind us that our brain is stretchable and can grow smarter, ‘Absorb wisely’ through fun learning with passion and finally, ‘Play wisely’ along with old and new friends while being joyful and mindful that friendship comes in many colors, shape and flavor. Now it’s time to say cheese and smile. The little owls are ready for school!!  

Special celebration of the month: Mid-Autumn Festival
After nights of sitting and watching bunny on the moon, it’s time for the little owls to pay tribute to the most beautiful full Moon time of the year by baking Bunny Mooncake! Come join our special workshop to connect children with holiday traditions with a creative twist: Bunny Mooncake and Bunny on the Moon Bento!

Week 1: Absorb wisely
Learning Quest: How to add passion to what we do?
STEAMulation Recipe: Passion in a Pocket – Pita Pocket with Chicken Salad Filling

Week 2: Think wisely
Learning Quest: How to stretch our brain like bubble gum
STEAMulation Recipe: Smart Cookie – Cocoa Butter with Chewy Mochi Center

Week 3: Eat wisely
Learning Quest: Can you eat a rainbow?
STEAMulation Recipe: Hi Five Bento

Week 4: Play wisely
Learning Quest: How to fit in?
STEAMulation Recipe: Friendship in a Nacho Bowl

Week 5: 
Happy Moon Festival
Learning Quest: Is there a rabbit on the moon?
STEAMulation Recipe: Bunny Mooncake

Sunday Camp: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
Date: Sunday, September 20th
Time: 9.30 – 3.30pm
Morning Recipe: Bunny on the Moon BBQ Bento
Afternoon Recipe: Mid Autumn Bunny Moon Cake
Learningful Play Activities: Moon Festival Story, Art and Craft

October: Say BOO to bad habits
Little GUUDNEST owls will be inspired to celebrate this Trick or Treat holiday the wise owl way.  Time to dare OWlselves and little owls to stir up courage to say Boo to bad habits, brew up wisdom & imagination, and bake away tasty and learningful treats. Let’s boo bad habits off so we can have a real hoot this Owl-oween month! Time to start breaking bad habits while baking up delicious treats!

Week 1: Say Boo to Shyness – I’m proud to be me and it’s ok to be different (Recipe: Jack Owl Lantern Cake)
Week 2: Say Boo to ‘Boredom’ – I can find a way to be creative with my curiosity! (Recipe: Imaginary English Breakfast Muffin)
Week 3: Say Boo to ‘Mine Mine Mine’ – I’m kind and it’s cool to share (Recipe: Donut Bite Me Bat Donut)
Week 4: Say Boo to the ‘unknown’ – I’ll be brave to find out first before I decide that I’m scared! (Recipe: Go brave or Go Bones Pasta with Meat Eyeballs)

November: Unlimited Acts of Gratitude
Let’s be wise owls who give thanks with grateful hearts and capable hands! Thanksgiving and the harvest season remind us one of the most important character that allow us to Flourish, Gratitude. The Wise owl says, “Happy owls are ‘Thankful owls’ who are happier and more contented in their happyNEST”! Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and willing to show appreciation and return kindness.  We are so thankful that we can use this thanksgiving month to practice the acts of gratitude in our daily living— from being thankful for the seasons that nature brings, thankful for the falls, failures & mistakes, thankful for the food from the harvest and thankful for our family, friends and loved ones.

Week 1: Thankful for mistakes and challenges (Recipe: Breakfast Potato Boat)
Week 2: Thankful for the season (Recipe: Fall Foliage Natural Tie-dye Cookies)
Week 3: Thankful for the food (Recipe: A gratitude Apple Crumble Muffin)
Week 4: Thankful for Thanksgiving (Recipe: Thanksgiving Gobble Pie)

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