Wise Owl’ Clock: Afternoon Club

Wise Owl’ Clock: Afternoon Club for After School Kids (4-8YO)
Time to Refresh and Refuel!
- Refresh your body and mind after school
- Refuel with food for the body and the brain

Join GUUDNEST’s Wise Owl’ Clock to spend the wise afternoon hours where endless opportunities of learningful play is offered to your little owls. With us, your little owls will be given enriching experience of the GUUDNEST way of learning– Absorb Good, Do Good, Learn Good—through Sensory-Approach, S.T.E.A.M. and Growth Mindset embedded in our Wise Owl’ Clock afternoon program to help foster goodness characters, mindset and essential 21st century learning skills.

Why Join the Wise Owl’ Clock? 

  • To refresh and refuel both a child’s body with delicious, fun-to-play-and-eat afternoon snack and a child’s brain with hands-on, engaging, daily learningful play activity
  • To experience unique learning activities, pairing with creativity to challenge your child’s imagination and thinking—from art, culinary, engineering, STEAM maker to local heritage of Mandarin

Our Weekday's Program: 5 Themes

  1. Artsy Monday: Good ARTernoon
  2. Cooking Tuesday: Cook Up a Character
  3. Engineering Wednesday: Imagineer Owl Way
  4. S.T.E.A.M. Up Thursday: Once Upon a Time: Tales for STEAM Makers
  5. Mandarin Friday: Hao Owl: Speak Up Story Telling
Program Schedule:
30mins - Creative Afternoon Snack Play
60mins - Daily Theme Main Activity
30mins - Brain Booster Station

Flexible Class Time:
2020. 09.07 - 12.25 (16wks)
1) 15:00pm - 17:00pm (Mon-Fri)
2) 15:30pm - 17:30pm (Mon-Fri)
3) 16:30pm - 18:30pm (Mon-Fri)
Class Duration: 16 classes / 2hrs per class
Age Group: 4 -8 years old

Class Price:
$1,200 / 11Points per class

1 Theme Class No.PointsCash
888  84P$9,600  $8,800
12132 116P$14,400  $12,600
16176 141P$19,200  $15,300
Early Bird Special1 Free Class1 Free Class
1Point = $100

* Early Bird Promo Period: 2020.08.17 - 09.04
* Join for 16 classes of the same program get 20% discount and also 1 class for FREE!

* Point Package: 25Points, 50Points, 100Points, 200Points

# Early Bird Trial Promotion: 2 Kids for Price of 1# 
Please book 1 class of the time below together with your friend for an early bird trial rate:

1. 2020. 08.17- 08.21 (Mon-Fri)
2. 2020. 08.31- 09.04 (Mon-Fri)

Early Bird Trial Promotion: 2 Kids for Price of 1

What’s included?
  • A 2-hour daily, 16-week program that focuses on developing strengths and lending guidance under the supervision of a professional and fully guided team
  • Afterschool snack and refreshment for your little ones to refuel their energy so they can fully enjoy their learningful ‘Wise Hour’ time, where your little ones get to Play. Eat.
  • Endless opportunities for your child to explore, imagine, connect, engage and grow
  • A child-centered space that provides support and helps develop your child’s personal interests
  • A ‘recognition party’ wherein kids will invite their parents to come and showcase what they did and learned during the 16-week program
  • A certificate (participation or recognition) that they graduated from their program
    • A certificate of recognition will be given to each child when they attend at least 12 weeks of the same program on the 16th week.
    • A certificate of participation will be given to each child when they attend less than 12 weeks of the same program.
  • An experienced team of instructors who are passionate about teaching ‘learning through play’
  • Private, clean environment with COVID-19 safety measures in place

1. Artsy MONDAY: Good ARTernoon

There’s a little artist with a sense of wonder inside you. Time to ignite your curiosity and creativity, while fostering a delight for art. We will explore various forms of art with all our senses and create colorful experiences to enhance emotional intelligence through edible and non-edible art projects. This real sensory art experience will give little owls a delightful start of the new week while inspiring them to connect art with daily living through the mindset of an art maker and creative thinker. 

2. Cooking Tuesday: Cook Up a Character
Wondering what’s cooking in owl WORLD? Join Owl journey to explore the world of GUUDNEST and cook up a special learningful blend of ingredients of good character traits. Time for your little owl to open his or her big bright eyes to absorb the good, do good, grow wisdom and share their goodness. They may be small, but they have the power to change the world just by one thought and one recipe at a time! Your little owls will enjoy learning new cooking skills while experiencing a W.O.R.L.D. of goodness: Wonder often, Open mind for changes and challenges, Raise up a Resilient mind, Live with gratitude and Learn from mistakes, and Do good with your best effort.

3. Engineering Wednesday: IMAGINEER Owl Way
When engineering meets imagination, you can expect creative solutions and innovations.

Engineers understand materials, tools, math, and science to design technologies that help solve the problem. This unique program helps nurture an engineer habit of mind and skills, along with creative thinking skills allowing children to come up with their engineering design challenge in both a scientific and an artistic fun way.

A combination of self-directed, lead-in, tear-apart and open-ended projects are offered in combination during the course of the program to provide children different scenarios and experiences to stretch their engineering brains, creative minds and grow their confidence. 

4. STEAM Up Thursday: Once Upon a Time: Tales for STEAM Makers    

A truly unique STEAM maker experience begins with “Once upon a time….”, the enchanted world of classic tales. Join this open-ended creative play to spark your imaginative and innovative ideas. Little STEAM makers will get to solve problems posted by a scenario from a tale. Bring along your creative and inventive mind and have a real hoot in this innovative story making time! 

5. Mandarin Friday: Hao Owl: Speak Up Story Telling    
Learn practical spoken Mandarin through stories and story enacting though craft and role play. Your little owls will immerse themselves into the sounds of Mandarin. Facial & body expressions, gestures, images and props help enhance their ability to make sense of Mandarin. The stories also extend to introduce some of the most common ‘Chinese characters’ in use in daily life. Children will learn keywords and sentences that can help them every day in Taiwan including greetings, numbers, and words. 

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