2020 Summer Camp: One Globe, Many Worlds

Summer Camp 2020: One Globe, Many Worlds

There are many worlds to explore and learn this summer! Let’s piece together what we learn and create memories from many worlds to make a WORLD of your OWN!

We live in a complex, multidimensional, multicultural, and multilingual world. One key ingredient of success in the 21st century is the ability to blend understanding and skills from many worlds to grow your knowledge and know-how— enabling you to have a globally- oriented mind and make meaningful connections and contributions to Mother Nature and community. Prepare your curious mind, eager hands, and love-for-learning heart as we visit many interesting worlds which will surely give you great inspirations, learningful takeaways and new founded interests and skills to create a WORLD of your OWN!

GUUDNEST’s creative and innovative camps integrate interdisciplinary subjects and provide perspective on different worlds that can tap into a child’s natural curiosity and make a relevant connections to their real-life experiences. Thus, children are able to make a meaningful connection and engagement in applying both existing and new knowledge and know-how into their daily challenge learning quest.

Here are the 6 awesome worlds awaiting you to explore and experience this Summer!

  • Artsy & Tasty World
  • STEAMventure Entrepreneur World
  • Oh My Guudnest World
  • Wander in the Wild World
  • STEAM Invention World
  • World Festivals

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