March Program: Root to NURTURE curiosity


There’s no better season than spring that allows learning and growth to come naturally. This spring, we take inspiration from 3 key elements of the season – Roots, Growth, and Blossoms. Each month, we will focus on one of the key elements and embrace it into our Spring program to make a meaningful connection with nature while nurturing a child’s natural curiosity, love of learning, and sense of responsibility towards nature.

Let’s March towards spring and dive deep into the roots where life begins – from a tiny seed that grows from the ground up to becoming a majestic tree where a nest sits atop overlooking the sky where rainbow, sunshine, and rain all come into the display!

Then comes the awakening of April! With a sturdy tree trunk, we will branch out and grow our creativity, mindset, and character joyfully. It is also the perfect season to be eggs-traordinary in many ways – from STEAMing up fun ideas to celebrate Easter, invent imaginary bunny that hops in our garden of a beautiful mind, while thinking of ways to grow and give back to Mother Nature on earth day.

“Bloom where you’re planted.” May is the time to appreciate and honor the seeds that blossomed. The tiny seed of love for learning and creativity that our mothers planted in her garden of love will start to blossom, and as you continue to water and keep yourself nourished, you’ll have plenty of room to bloom.  May all that you planted blossom!

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