1. Welcome Gift :
    TuuGuud Pretzel x 1
2. Coffee Americano / Beverage
    $60↓drinks x 3
3. Coffee Latte :
    3 cups (Limited 1cup per day)
4. $100 Bonus

NT 10000

The more points you buy at one time, the more rewards and specials you'll receive!

  1. Register for free as a member of the Guudnest.
  2. Members will book a workshop by points at Guudnest.
  3. The prepaid points is 1 point equal to NT$100.
  4. Prepaid points expire in 1 year from the date of the purchase. 
  5. The expiration date of the prepaid points can be extended for 
    1 more year from the date of the purchase, if buy additional points package.
  6. Prepaid points expire in 1 year from the date of the purchase.
  7. Refund or extension is not applicable for expired prepaid points.
  8. Free points you receive for buying pre-purchased points are valid for 1 year only.
  9. Refund or extension is not applicable for free points, and cannot be exchanged into cash..
  10. Prepaid points and free points are not transferrable.

  • Early Bird Five-Full-Day Promotion - 28 Points/day if book 1 month before the camp begins. 30 Points/day if canceled. 
  • Attend 8 classes within 2months without cancellation will receive 5 Points for free.
  • Rent an apron - Member $20, Non-Member $40

Our Children Not Just Book Smart, Need to be Life Smart! 

The Oh My GUUDNEST program provides a holistic education with a main focus of preparing kids for life. Using food as one of the main teaching tools, we also incorporate sensory based activities, along with essential 21st century learning skills of S.T.E.A.M., Growth Mindset, and Character Building.

To move forward into the 21st century and stay competitive with Artificial Intelligence (AI), our children need a set of Human Intelligence (HI) and future ready skills that will keep them healthy and grounded , tech savvy, street smart, team players that are self thinkers with innovative and growth mindsets! Through food and cooking, the Oh My GUUDNEST program helps bridge learning and living with these future ready life skills. Your little owls will be inspired and challenged to use their Head, Heart, and Hands in the learning process and apply it for a Hootiful (Beautiful), Healthy & Happy Life!

Why Join Guudnest Learningful Play Program ?

  • Taiwan’s premier in kids culinary program since 2012
  • Unique bi-lingual learningful play program through food and cooking that is specially designed for children. 
  • Hands on! Make your own lunch and snack!
  • Daily enrichment activity to extend learning outside school
  • Essential life skills 
  • Fun and Experienced instructors and staff
  • Foster creativity and thinking ability