Bake it Party – Cookie


  • Learningful play bake it party
  • Baking & food decorating activity
  • Introduces the concept of Science in the kitchen
  • Improve muscle control & develop focus skills
  • Encourages creativity
  • Learn safe food handling and basic cooking skills

Party Duration : 2 hrs
Age Group : 3 ys - 16 yrs old
Minimum : 10 people
Price : $1,500 / person
( Over 10 people, $1,200 for additional guest ) 

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NT 15000

A birthday party where everyone gets to have fun & learn at the same time! Cookies! Sift, knead, roll, cut and bake! A surefire way to make any party oh-so-yummy and fun!

Party Package Includes:
  1. A two-hour fully guided and supervised by a team of experienced instructors for 10 invited guests. 
  2. A one-sided, custom designed birthday invitation based on the party theme for every guest & a digital file of the invitation
  3. One Craft Activity: Chef's hat decoration related to the chosen theme
  4. One Main Party Activity: Create your cookies from scratch
  5. One Party game 
  6. Refreshment and drink for the invited guests
  7. A 'Welcome to the Party' sign
  8. One ‘Happy Birthday’ banner
  9. A party bag & a ‘thank you’ label for the food baked and decorated during the party for each guest
  10. An apron for every guest to wear during cooking activity
  11. Use of our 1F or 2F area (depending on the age), excluding the café bar
With Compliments from Us:
  • Use of our reception area for parents refreshment & clean up service
  • Plates, cups, containers, napkins and cutleries for kids only (supplies are limited)
  • Drinking cold water, hot water and tea bags
Party Rundown Sample 
  • 15 minutes : Craft Acitvity
  • 10 minutes : Wash Hands, Pretzel Rule & Introduction of Activities for the day
  • 25 minutes : Baking Activity
  • 05 minutes : Wash Hands & Tidy Up
  • 25 minutes : Decorating Activity
  • 05 minutes : Take off Aprons, Wash Hands, & Prepare for Games
  • 15 minutes : Play Games
  • 20 minutes : 
    - Birthday Song & Cake Cutting
    - Snacks and refreshments
    - Party Wrap Up!
    - Take Goodie Bags Home

Why Celebrate at Kidchen Club Tianmu Store ?

  • Taiwan’s premier in kids culinary program since 2012
  • Unique bi-lingual learningful play program through food and cooking that is specially designed for children. 
  • Hands on! Make your own lunch and snack!
  • Daily enrichment activity to extend learning outside school
  • Essential life skills 
  • Fun and Experienced instructors and staff
  • Foster creativity and thinking ability

Please Note:
Cancellation & Extension Policy

  1. A non-refundable deposit of NT$2,000 for all parties is required to secure your booking date which will be deducted on your final bill.
  2. Printing of invitations will take 3-5 working days upon confirmation of details. A 50% down-payment is required before releasing of invitations both digital and print out. Any cancellation before down-payment, Party Host must bear the printing and editing cost incurred.
  3. Full payment of the party must be made 8 days prior to the party date. Notice of cancellation must be given 8 days prior to party date or FULL payment is required.
  4. If the minimum required number of children(10kids) hasn't been met, the package price will remain the same.
  5. If in any case, Kidchen Club Tianmu Store did not receive any final number of guests attending within the given time(8 days prior to the party date), Kidchen Club Tianmu Store has the right to assume that final number of guests is ten (10) or the latest number, including names, age and gender been informed 8 days before the party. Details can be sent via email. We also reserve the right to turn down unconfirmed additional number of guests within 7 days. In case of a 'no show' during the party, Kidchen Club Tianmu Store will still bill the Party Host according to confirmed final number of guests.
  6. Only invited guests of the birthday celebrator will be allowed to join the activity. Siblings of guests will have to stay in the designated area.On 2F, one parent can accompany one child due to the space limit. The others can stay in the rest area of 1F.
  7. Parents may take photos(no video) of your kids during the camp. However, kindly be discrete as not to interrupt the class.
  8. For re-booking, Kidchen Club Tianmu Store would need at least 22days notice so we can transfer your party to another date within the next 2 months, provided that the dates you prefer are still available. If less than 22days notice, an additional 15% service fee will apply, and on a case-by-case basis other charges or expenses incurred from the party changes may also apply. If less than 7 days, an additional 30% service fee will apply,  and on a case-by-case basis other charges or expenses incurred from the party changes may also apply.
  9. The Party Host should notify Kidchen Club Tianmu Store at least 8 days before the party begins, if hiring other vendors for other services (i.e. Cake, Balloons, Magician) who might need to come and set up before the party.