TG Sea Salt Soft Pretzel


  • A soft chewy interior and classic thin crust.
  • Perfect snack to your next main meal.
  • Each pretzel is skilfully baked fresh from scratch daily by an artisan baker.
  • Using only the finest ingredients, leaving out unnecessary additives and preservatives.

Ingredients: yeast, salt, sugar, sea salt, butter, milk, flour
Weight: 110g ±10g


PreOrder Time : 1 working days (depending on the volume)
Pickup Point : Guudnest store in Tianmu 
Pickup Time : 10.00am -17.30pm
1F., No.713, Sec. 6, Zhongshan N. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City
Storage:  room temp. (2days), freezer (2weeks)
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What is TuuGuud?
It is a newly established baked goods brand, originated in Tian-Mu in October 2019! Specializing in soft pretzels. TuuGuud is a play on the words “Too Good”.

Why are Our Pretzels so Special?
They are especially created for the local taste buds, offering a twist on the classic European pretzel. With a delightful soft chewy interior and classic thin crust. The dough is ever so mildly sweet and savoury to taste, with an authentic aroma. It is the perfect snack or accompaniment to your next main meal.

We believe in healthy and honest eating. Which is why each pretzel is skilfully baked fresh from scratch daily by an artisan baker. Using only the finest ingredients, leaving out unnecessary additives and preservatives. Each pretzel is carefully twisted by hand with love and passion and baked to perfection. Our delicious knots of dough are everything you ever wanted in a pretzel!

This soft pretzel recipe is made with milk instead of water makes the pretzels stay fresh longer. 

Are Your Taste Buds Ready for a Goodness Twist that is Simply Too Good to Resist?

Tip: TuuGuud pretzels are best eaten when they are hot out of the oven. If it goes cold, just re-heat in the oven at 200C for 3-5 mins. 

Our Commitment
Our commitment is to all things goodness, artisanal and delicious. We are obsessed about crafting from scratch, passionate about baking, in love with the idea that something so special can be created out of the finest, yet simple ingredients

How TuuGuud came to be?

Just like the infamous equation E=mc2, our TuuGuud equation is just as simple:

Goodness Ingredients + Skilful Handmade + Passion = TuuGuud

Where does the passion come from?

From our in-house Artisan baker, Nick. Through-out the development process, Nick paid special attention to satisfying the five senses, maintaining the signature twisted knot shape, capturing the tastes of the Taiwanese within the pretzel, to create an addictive version that will make you sink your teeth in one bite after another.

Nick first started baking and sharing his pretzels with children and parents over 7 years ago. His passion, besides baking, is to be in the kitchen with children, educating them the on important life skills, cooking and baking!

Although the original Pretzel, which originated in Italy, carries a cultural and spiritual symbol of the crossed-arms of a person in prayer, and a sign of good luck and prosperity. For Nick, when he sees the Pretzel, it’s a story of love and commitment on testing and trying to make his little picky-eaters drool with excitement before biting into his pretzel! Nick understands the importance of healthy eating and the challenges every parent faces when it comes to providing a nutritious and healthy snack option for their little ones. This delightful morsel is made from the finest and freshest ingredients. We don’t believe in adding unnecessary additives or preservatives. It’s sure to make the parental list of approved snacks!

So to Nick, every knot of his pretzel, is tied craftfully with his love and passion!

Who is Nick?

Nick is our extremely talented artisan baker. Charismatic, creative and innovative in nature, his baked goods are not only worthy to be on the cover of Food & Wine magazine or Instagram, but they are flavour bombs that awaken your senses. After all, we eat with our eyes first then our mouths. You can truly taste his love for the trade in every bite of his baked creations.

He was born and bred into a family of renowned bakers in Taipei. He grew up amongst professional bakers, learning from the best of the best accumulating his baking knowledge and perfecting his baking skills. You could say it is in his blood, his heart and soul, having inherited his talent from his father. His love and passion for bread, in particular the pretzel, led him to develop the perfect recipe catered to local Taiwanese taste buds, especially of those little picky eaters and parents. Nick firmly believes in the simple taste test to determine its deliciousness and ultimately the goodness of the bread.

Though Nick is not good with words; he is truly the type of baker that prefers to put his words in baking and turn into a delicious dish! When asked what he thinks about his pretzel, his response is:

“Every time when I hear kids say my pretzels are the best in the world, and their parents ask if they could also have a pretzel, it brings me JOY! To me, that is best form of recognition and appreciation, more than any award! You know, kids are very honest food critics and parents naturally are the best QC officers! ~ there is nothing more fulfilling than creating honest and delicious food, making people happy and eating with complete trust”.

If you’re ever in the Tian-Mu neighbourhood why not come in and say hello to Nick!