Shimenawa Wreath

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  • Learn the art of traditional Japanese Shimenawa Wreath
  • 20cm Shimenawa Wreath
  • Meet new friends and learn new things

Class Time:
Monday / Thursday / Saturday
a) 09:30am - 11:00am
b) 11:00am - 12:30pm
Thursday / Saturday
c) 13:30pm - 15:00pm

d) 15:00pm - 16:30pm
Class Duration : 1.5hrs roughly
Age Group : 13 yrs old+ / adult
Class Opens : Minimum 3 people

*Made to order available

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Maker Space with Karlie
Be inspired and flourish this fall with our Maker, Karlie. Learn the art of floral arrangement, essential oil candle making, artistic candles, and make traditional Japanese Wagashi.

Hayashi Karlien
  • TYPA - Art Teacher
  • SFCA (Seoul Flower Cake Association) Qualify Teacher
  • 台灣丙級烘焙技術士
  • 日本UDS (Universal Designers Academ) 不凋花合格會員
  • 日本JSA 烘焙協會合格會員 (Japanese  Salonaise Association)

Traditional Japanese Shimenawa Wreath
Come make your own unique and colorful Shimenawa that reflects your individual spirit to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year with our Japanese instructor Karlien Hayashi.
Karlien San will provide guidance along with some traditional Ikebana flower arranging techniques. She will also supply all essential materials needed including sacred rope and "lucky charms".

About the Shimenawa Wreath
During New Years, Japanese make wishes and prayers for luck to the Shimenawa.
Shimenawa is a sacred straw decorative festoon in the Shinto style.
Its origins are from ancient Japanese mythology when the Sun Goddess - Amaterasu - was removed from the Cave of Heaven, then subsequently prevented to return there by a rope across the Cave's entrance. This symbolizes a sanctuary against future bad events.

Workshop Fee:$1,280

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