Sept-Nov Chick 2-4YO Fall Program

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  • STEAMulation play using the 5 senses
  • Encourage social and emotional skills
  • Boosts creativity and imagination through storytelling
  • Promotes healthy eating, food knowledge and basic culinary skills

Class Time:
Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
10:00am - 11:30am 

Class Duration:1.5 hrs
Age Group : 2 - 4 years old (Chick)

Categories: Workshops Suitable Age 0-5 Yr

Tags: 2-4yrs

NT 1200
11 Points

Fall Program: Flourishing Fall

Whoo whoo… are inspired to flourish into their greatest potential with your thinking, being and doing this Fall? Little owls are born curious and wise; and with essential tips & skills and good nourishment for body & mind, they can flourish to explore new heights while staying well-rounded, cute and fluffy with their good characters. Fly in to explore our 3 monthly themes from September to November this Fall: Get Ready for SchoolSay BOO to Bad Habits and Unlimited Acts to Gratitude

#Cultivate little owls to flourish through 5 senses of learning, STEAMulating approach  
#Nurture characters to support educational and social performance

November: Unlimited Acts of Gratitude
Let’s be wise owls who give thanks with grateful hearts and capable hands! Thanksgiving and the harvest season remind us one of the most important character that allow us to Flourish, Gratitude. The Wise owl says, “Happy owls are ‘Thankful owls’ who are happier and more contented in their happyNEST”! Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and willing to show appreciation and return kindness.  We are so thankful that we can use this thanksgiving month to practice the acts of gratitude in our daily living— from being thankful for the seasons that nature brings, thankful for the falls, failures & mistakes, thankful for the food from the harvest and thankful for our family, friends and loved ones.

Weekly Theme & Recipe
Week 1: Act of Gratitude 
Learning Quest: Thankful for mistakes and challenges
STEAMulation Recipe: Breakfast Potato Boat

Week 2: Act of Gratitude
Learning Quest: Thankful for the Season 
STEAMulation Recipe: Fall Foliage Natural Tie-dye Cookies

Week 3: Act of Gratitude
Learning Quest: Thankful for the Food
STEAMulation Recipe: A Gratitude Apple Crumble Muffin

Week 4: Act of Gratitude
Learning Quest: Thankful for Thanksgiving
STEAMulation Recipe: Thanksgiving Gobble Pie

Please Note:

Attending a Workshop

  • We kindly ask that you arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your workshop as we will be preparing for your class until this time.
  • Please kindly leave within 10 mins after the workshop finishes for safety concerns when cleaning the kitchen facility. 
  • For environment issue, please bring kid’s personal water bottle and hand towel to be used throughout the workshop. 
  • In case your child doesn't like or chooses not to eat the lunch and/or snack made on the day, you are welcome to bring a packed lunch from home. We can reheat it in our steamer oven. 

Dietary Constraints

  • Where possible, our instructors will accommodate dietary constraints. As a courtesy we ask that you alert our staff of allergies and dietary restrictions upon booking OR 7 days prior to the booked class. Allergies are the responsibility of the attendee but not of Guudnest. We are unable to take responsibility for allergic reactions to foodstuffs.  

During the Workshop

  • In order to control the workshop quality and enhance children’s concentration, parents are requested to stay in the parents’ rest area after the workshop starts. 
  • Due to busy schedule in the workshop, we do not provide photo taking service. Parents may take photos (no video) of your kids during the workshop. However, kindly be discrete as not to interrupt the class.
  • If we have any photo taken for our internal needs, we will share all we have got of the week through Google drive and send you the link by email. The link will be valid for one week. 
  • Kids must follow the rules in the kitchen in order to avoid any accident or injury during the workshop. Failure to follow instructions and kitchen rules, misbehaved child will automatically be pulled out of the workshop and can only return and join the class after he/she can work in a cooperative manner. 

Cancellation & Extension Policy

  • The points will be returned in full if the cancellation is made more than 7 calendar days prior to the date of the workshop.
  • 2 to 6 calendar days prior to the workshop starting, the option to reschedule or cancel will be made available.
  • Between 24 to 48 hours prior to the workshop starting, the option to reschedule once per month or cancel and the points will be returned in full but need to pay a minimum admin fee of $200 (depending on the workshop). 
  • If less than 24 hrs, there is no option to cancel/reschedule, but members are allowed to find a substitute if he/she can’t join the workshop. What required only is the name of kid and parent, mobile phone number before the workshop starts.
  • A minimum of 4 participants is required to run a workshop. Guudnest reserves the right to reschedule the class or refund in full if less than 4 participants. If the workshop is rescheduled, participants will be notified no later than 48 hours before the class.

Conditions Apply: 
* 15% cancellation fee applied if request for refund.

* Members who booked the class using points can reschedule once per month if less than 24-48 hours before class, and points will be returned in full but would need to pay a cancellation fee of $200. If cancellation occurs the 2nd time of the month, no refund will be given. This condition applies to those who book the class using points only.


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