Kindermusik Laugh & Learn Pre-Schoolers


  • Promote a natural love of music
  • Early music concepts paired with age-appropriate activities
  • Foster the child's independence, social and emotional skills, and self-control.
  • Enrich early literacy through story time and imaginative play
  • A trained, licensed Kindermusik educator joyfully guides the class from one activity to another.

Class Time:
4:00 pm - 4:50 pm (Wed.)
Class Duration: 50 mins
Age Group: 2.5 - 4.5 years old

Class Prices:

12 Sessions = 72 Points*
* For class booking, please purchase 72P Kindermusik Package.

- 2 Make-up Sessions
- 3 Digital Home Materials

Categories: Workshops Suitable Age 0-5 Yr

Tags: Babies & Toddlers

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Kindermusik Level 3 Laugh & Learn classes combine the preschooler's natural love of music, storytelling, and imaginative play. Early music concepts are introduced, and age-appropriate activities will help foster the child's independence, social and emotional skills, language growth, and self-control. Parents will also get a chance to connect with other caregivers, and share in the wonder of parenting a preschooler.

Catherine is a native English speaker from Canada who has been living in Taiwan since 2005. She is mom to two beautiful children and brings both her expertise as a mom and an educator to her classroom. Licensed as a Kindermusik business owner in 2011 she began teaching her first Kindermusik classes early in 2012. Since that time she has continued her professional development and also achieved Orff Level 1 certification from WAOSA in 2014. Previous to teaching Kindermusik she spent 6 years teach- ing English immersion preschool and kindergarten.

From dancing with your child to hearing the notes of your child’s first composition, Kindermusik is one special place where you and your child can play, sing, dance, and giggle together. A trained, licensed Kindermusik educator joyfully guides the class from one activity to another and helps you understand what your child is learning musically, cognitively, and developmentally.  

Kindermusik is the world’s leading provider of music-based education for children from birth through age seven. We use the power and joy of music-making to help children learn and grow during the years most critical to brain development. Since 1978, Kindermusik has helped millions of children around the world build a strong foundation for a lifetime love of learning.

Monthly Theme:

January: Wild Animal Park
Let’s take a trip to the Wild Animal Park! We’ll slither like snakes and pounce like leopards, encounter tiny tree frogs and enormous elephants, and visit amazing habitats that are high and low, hot and cold, dry and rainy. Then, it’s time for the animals’ favorite activity, which they all do together. It’s the jungle hokey-pokey!

February: Home Sweet Home
Get ready to spruce up the house in this home-themed unit. We’ll turn tasks such as cooking, cleaning, sawing, painting, and hammering into fun, pretend-play activities that make us move more creatively and use our imaginations. At the same time, we’ll explore the relationship between sounds and symbols, and build community as we sing and play together. Whether it’s a great big house (or a den, nest, or burrow!), there’s no place like Home Sweet Home!

March: Carnival of Music
We’re all natural music makers! We hum while we play and work, sing along with music in the car, and tap our fingers and feet to the beat. In this carnival-themed unit, we’ll become more comfortable with instruments and our ability to play them, and explore timbre, steady beat, and ensemble experiences. We’ll move, play, and sing, and through sounds, store is, songs, and games, we’ll learn all about what carnivals have to offer: carousels, clowns, pretzels for sale, and so much more. So step right up – we’re off to the Carnival of Music!

April: Around the Farm
Put on your overalls and boots because it’s time to visit the farm! We’ll waddle like ducks, moo like cows, go on a hayride, and listen to the wind blowing in the corn. As we play, sing, and dance, we’ll strengthen our fine- and gross-motor skills, develop inhibitory control, explore timbre, and so much more. Get ready to discover all there is to see, hear, and do Around the Farm!

May: Out & About
Join us as we trek through the mountains and travel to the beach on a journey that will have us hopping like bunnies, scuttling like crabs, dancing like the wind, and flying like seagulls as we fine-tune our gross-motor and cross-lateral skills. The magical combination of movement and pretend play will guide the fun and bring our adventure to life. Are you ready? Pack your bags – it’s time to go Out & About!

June: In My Garden
Some of the best learning can happen in your own back yard! In this unit, we’ll buzz like bees, fly like butterflies, and sing like birds as we discover the hidden delights of the garden. We’ll listen, sing, move, and play instruments; we’ll learn to cooperate with partners as we roll balls to music; and we’ll learn to work within a group as we dance in a circle and move with a parachute. And while we’re exploring the great outdoors, we’ll also be exploring musical expression – using tempo, articulation, and dynamics. So get ready for a music-and-nature adventure In My Garden!

July: Splash!
Ahoy there, Mates! It’s time to leave the rocky shores behind and dive into a sea of pretend-play experiences. This unit’s adventures are all about water! We’ll blow bubbles in the bathtub, float down the river, and sail through smooth and choppy waters as we learn about patterns, number concepts, steady beat, and rhythm. We’ll expand our spatial awareness as we waddle to the water like penguins, swim to the surface like fish, and row, row, row our boats. A Bath Time story and water-themed songs and dances will spur our imaginations and bring the learning to life. After all, everything is more fun when you Splash!

August: Make Believe
Let’s climb aboard the S.S. Pretend and set sail for Royal Island! We’ll dance the Pirate’s Treasure Dance, visit the castle of a king and queen, listen to a story about a silly pirate, and build a pretend bonfire on the beach. Best of all, we’ll exercise our imaginations and express our creativity in countless ways. Each Make Believe lesson is an action-packed pretend-play adventure that focuses the fun on literacy, movement, and sequencing. Ready to go? Anchors aweigh!

September: On the Go!
Children always seem to be on the go, which makes this unit just their speed! You’ll use locomotor skills and active imaginations to drive in cars, chug along in trains, and bounce on pogo sticks. You’ll bumpity-bump, zippity-zoom, and stop-and-go-and-stop-and-go, because it’s non-stop learning when you’re On the Go!

October: Let's Play
It’s time to play! And as we’ll play, we’ll take in new information, see how it fits in with what we already know, and combine the new and old to “construct” an understanding of our world. We’ll take time to reflect, compare, make choices, express opinions, and solve problems, as we pretend to walk to the park, ride a train, play on the playground, and so much more. Enjoy mixing favorite toys and games with music as we invite one and all: Let’s Play!

November: Animals a-Dancing
What’s your favorite dance? What’s your favorite animal? What’s your favorite instrument or song? The activities in this unit will help us answer these questions, discover our preferences, and become more self-aware in the process. Along this journey of self-awareness, we’ll also develop our motor, language, and vocal skills using songs, music, movements, and instrument play-along. Prepare to ribbit like a frog, roll like a pig, and swing like a monkey as we join the Animals A-Dancing!

December: Outside My Window
What’s the weather like today? Look outside the window and see! Is it raining with plenty of drip-drop, splashy sounds to imitate? Or is it a cold, snowy morning just right to make some pretend snowballs? In this weather-themed nit, we’ll move to the music, explore rhythms and patterns, categorize sounds, and highlight the musical concepts of crescendo and decrescendo. Prepare to create a rainstorm symphony of sounds and move like leaves in the wind – the sun, rain, wind, and snow are all waiting right Outside My Window!

Please Note:

Cancellation & Extension Policy

  1. This program is a class series. Students are required to attend weekly. If students are unable to attend class, they will be considered absent and will not be given makeup classes excluding the 2 makeup classes included in the 12 class package.
  2. If the class has been postponed due to a special announcement from a government authority, there will be a makeup class scheduled.
  3. If you have enrolled in a 12 class program, students are allowed to have 2 makeup classes, but please note the following two points a and b:
    1. Rescheduled classes cannot be canceled or rescheduled.
    2. The option to reschedule is not acceptable on the class date.
  4. Students who have enrolled in a 12 class program have 2 makeup classes available to them, but if they decide to cancel their enrollment and request a refund for the program, all previously missed classes will be considered classes attended, and any makeup classes left will not be included in the refund. The calculation method is as follows: Remaining Class Refund Note
  5. The company reserves the right to cancel the class due to unexpected events or insufficient number of students. If the class has been canceled, it will be rescheduled.

The Remaining Class Refund Notes (calculated based on actual paid amount):

  1. Students who apply for cancellation of their enrollment 15 - 60 days before the start date can receive a full refund, but must pay 5% of the cost of the class as an administrative fee. The deduction of 5% cannot exceed NT$1,000.
  2. Students who apply for cancellation of their enrollment 8 - 14 days before the start date will receive a full refund, but must pay 10% of the cost of the class activity as an administrative fee.
  3. Students who apply for cancellation of their enrollment 1 - 7 days before the start date will receive a full refund, but must pay 20% of the cost of the class acts as an administrative fee.
  4. Students who apply for cancellation after the first class but before the second class starts (excluding the current time) may receive a refund, but are required to pay 30% of the cost of the class as an administrative fee.
  5. After the second class, students who apply for cancellation and do not exceed one-third of the total class series will receive a refund, but are required to pay 50% of the class activity fee as an administrative fee.
  6. If the student has applied for cancellation after attending over one-third of the total class series, the application will not be accepted.


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