Artsy Baker: PICASSO

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  • Learn how to make Sweet Heart Rosy Butter Cookies from scratch.
  • Create a colorful artwork and flavorful refreshment inspired by Picasso

2020. 05.23 (Saturday)
15:00pm - 18:00pm

Duration : 3 hrs
Age Group : 6 - 12 years old

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20 Points (Non-Member $2,200)

Categories: Suitable Age 6-12 Yr

Tags: 6-12yrs

NT 2200
20 Points

Love is the greatest refreshment of life – Pablo Picasso

If baking is an art, then were all budding artists and bakers at the same time. We kick off our brand new program, Artsy Baker program, this LOVE month by transporting back into the Rose Era when the legendary artist Pablo Picasso fell in love. His artworks are filled with delightful colors of orange and pink, with lots of flowers and loving people!!

As Picasso once said, Love is the greatest refreshment of life”, lets create a colorful artwork and flavorful refreshment inspired by his delightful remark to celebrate the month of love!

Recipe & Art Activity
Artsy Baker XoXo Picasso
Recipe: Sweet Heart Rosy Butter Cookie Art
Project: “La Vie En Rose”
1.Portrait on a canvas (26cm x 22 cm)  *Bring your own photos
2.Valentine Cards

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