Apr-Spring Break Camp


  • Get ready for a hands-on, culinary experience
  • Create a collection of delicious lunch and snacks!
  • Get to know new bunny buddies and work together to explore
  • Experiment series of Spring science and art projects. 

Camp Time:
9:30am - 12:30pm (Mon.-Fri.)
12:30pm - 3:30pm (Mon.-Fri.)
Camp Duration : 3 hrs (1/2day), 6 hrs (1day)
Age Group : 5 - 12 years old

Camp Prices:
Half-Day Camp:
1 Child (5-12 yrs) = 18 Points
One-Day Camp:
1 Child (5-12 yrs) = 30 Points
Five-Day Camps:
1 Child (5-12 yrs) = 125 Points 

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NT 1800
18 Points

This program is designed and offered exclusively for Kidchen Club Tianmu Store.

Spring is here! Let’s hop on to Kidchen Club Tianmu for our famous, fun-filled, learningful play Spring Break Camp & Sunday Camp! 

Get ready for a hands-on, culinary experience and create a collection of delicious lunch and snacks inspired by the blossoming Spring season! You will also get to know new bunny buddies and work together to explore and experiment series of Spring science and art projects. Hurry up, little bunnies! You wouldn’t want to miss this once a year, Egg-citing good time

Daily Recipe & Craft
Day 1 : Monday

Theme: Spring has Sprung
Spring Wrap

Dessert: Cookie Plant Pot
Enriched Learning & Craft: What Makes Plants Grow & Pot Art

Day 2 : Tuesday

Theme: In Full Bloom
Recipe: Savory Flower Bread
Dessert: Flower Lemon Curd Tart
Enriched Learning & Craft: Why do flowers know when to bloom & The Art and Science of Blooming!

Day 3 : Wednesday

Theme : Eggcellent Time
Recipe: Oven Baked Scotch Egg
Dessert: Cake Baked inside an Eggshell
Enriched Learning & Craft: Eggcellent to Know & Engineering Art for Egg Drop Contest

Day 4 : Thursday

Theme: Bunny Hopping
Recipe: Bunny Burger
Dessert: Carrot Cake
Enriched Learning & Craft: Easter Traditions & Easter Bunny’s Basket Design Challenge

Day 5 : Friday

Theme: Easter Egg Hunting
Recipe: Bunny Pot Pie
Dessert: Easter Egg inside a Bread Nest
Enriched Learning & Craft: The Chemistry of Dyeing Eggs & Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Sample of Daily Program

1st Half Day
9:30 - 9:45am : 
Be there and get ready for the workshop.
9:45 - 10:00am : 
The orientation of today’s recipe and craft program with warm up activities.
10:00 - 12:00pm : 
Food preparation, cooking and table setting.
12:00 - 12:30pm : 
Lunch & Quiet Play Time. 

2nd Half Day
12:30 - 13:30pm : 
Art/Craft/Story time related to the camp weekly theme.
13:30 - 15:00pm : 
The 2nd recipe : creative play complimented with one enriched activity
(i.e. Kitchen science experiment, food presentation art).

15:00 - 15:30pm : 
Snack time & game.
15:30pm : 
End of today’s workshop.

Price Options
First Group Date:
2019. 01. 21 ~ 01. 25 (Mon - Fri)

Second Group Date:
2019. 01. 28 ~ 02. 01 (Mon - Fri)

Half-Day Morning Camp (3hrs):
09:30am - 12:30pm = 18 points / child

Half-Day Afternoon Camp (3hrs):
12:30pm - 15:30pm = 18 points / child

One-Day Camp (6hrs):
09:30am - 15:30pm = 30 points / child

Five-Day Camp (30hrs):
09:30am - 15:30pm = 125 points / child

Our Children Not Just Book Smart, Need to be Life Smart! 
Through our culinary-led, multi-disciplinary integrated curriculum, children are served with a 'Recipe for Life' in a learningful play way at Kidchen Club. 
To grow up having a happy, healthy and well-balanced life, our children need a recipe to help prepare them to be life smart, not just book smart. Kidchen Club believes in the power of food as a learning tool. So we use food and cooking as a launching point to introduce multi-disciplinary subjects, math, science, language, culture and essential life skills to children, which allows them to engage in a fun, hands-on and multi-sensory learning experience.

Why Join Kidchen Club Learningful Play Camp ?

  • Taiwan’s premier in kids culinary program since 2012
  • Unique bi-lingual learningful play program through food and cooking that is specially designed for children. 
  • Hands on! Make your own lunch and snack!
  • Daily enrichment activity to extend learning outside school
  • Essential life skills 
  • Fun and Experienced instructors and staff
  • Foster creativity and thinking ability

Please Note:

Attending a Camp

  • We kindly ask that you arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your camp as we will be preparing for your class until this time.
  • Please leave within 10 mins after the class finishes for kids safety and cleaning of the kitchen facility
  • For environment issue, please bring kid’s personal water bottle and hand towel to be used throughout the workshop. 
  • In case your child doesn't like or chooses not to eat the lunch and/or snack made on the day, you are welcome to bring a packed lunch from home. We can reheat it in our steamer oven. 

Dietary Constraints

  • Where possible, our instructors will accommodate dietary constraints. As a courtesy we ask that you alert our staff of allergies and dietary restrictions upon booking OR 7 days prior to the booked class. Allergies are the responsibility of the attendee but not of Kidchen Club. We are unable to take responsibility for allergic reactions to foodstuffs.  

During the Camp

  • In order to control the workshop quality and enhance children’s concentration, parents are requested to stay in the parents’ rest area after 9:30 when the workshop starts. 
  • Due to busy schedule in the camp, we do not provide photo taking service. Parents may take photos(no video) of your kids during the camp. However, kindly be discrete as not to interrupt the class.
  • If we have any photo taken for our internal needs, we will share all we have got of the week through Google drive and send you the link by email. The link will be valid for one week. 
  • Kids must follow the rules in the kitchen in order to avoid any accident or injury during the workshop. Failure to follow instructions and kitchen rules, misbehaved child will automatically be pulled out of the workshop and can only return and join the camp after he/she can work in a cooperative manner. 

Cancellation & Extension Policy

  • The points will be return in full if the cancellation is made more than 7 calendar days prior to the date of workshop.
  • 6 to 4 calendar days prior to the camp starting, the option to reschedule once or return 50% of the points (rounded up to the nearest whole digit) will be made available.
  • Less than 3 calendar days prior to the date of the camp, there is no option of reschedule or cancelling.
  • Members are allowed to find substitute if he/she can’t join the camp. What required only is the name of kid and parent, mobile phone number before the camp starts.
  • A minimum of 4 participants is required to run a camp. Kidchen Club reserves the right to reschedule the class or refund in full if less than 4 participants. If the camp is rescheduled, participants will be notified no matter than 48 hours before the class.



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