Fledging Program: 6-12 YO
With their full energy, eager heart and capable hands, the fledging group go full STEAM ahead! Our program is designed with a goal to maximize the native inquiry, creativity and innovation that children possess and build on essential mindset and skills that they can apply in learning and in life. Each week, the fledging will get to apply the knowledge from the learning theme into their S.T.E.A.M. based cooking activity. The experience associated with the weekly project challenges children to be flexible, to take greater risks in their learning, and to make more connections related to science, mathematics, technology, engineering, and art concepts.

What We Focus:

• Application of STEAM mindset and helps develop their critical thinking skills through their weekly project
• Helps character development through growth mindset
• Encourages team work, social and communication skills
• Boosts creativity and imagination through STEAMulation play
• Promotes healthy eating, food knowledge and basic culinary skills

Weekly Theme & Recipe Sample

Week 1

Eggs-traordinary Time

Learning Quest: 
What to do if someone cracks you up?

STEAMulating Recipes:
Macaroon Egg Nest

Week 2
Happy Easter
Learning Quest:

How to prepare for the Easter Bunny visit?
STEAMulating Recipes: 

Bunny Pretzel / Dyed Easter Egg

Week 3
My Mind is Like a Garden
Learning Quest:
What would you like to grow in your garden?

STEAMulating Recipe:
Sweet Pudding

Week 4
Happy Easter Day: Let's grow back and give back to our mother Earth
Learning Quest:

What should we do with food waste?
STEAMulating Recipe: 

Compost Cookie

Week 5
Growing Mind
Learning Quest:

Recipes for growth mindset
STEAMulating Recipe: 

My signature pizza: 
1. S
2. Savory

Workshop Photos