Owlet Program: 4-6YO
Confidently out from the shell and standing firm on their own, ‘Owlets’ constantly ask ‘WHY’ and seek to try and invent new things. Our program is designed to promote and expand this goodness quality to help lay a solid foundation for their inquiry mind and love of inventing and learning through S.T.E.A.M. based kitchen play! Time to cook up the knowledge to feed the brain and good qualities to build on their characters and mindset for learning and growing. To ensure that our Owlets keep up with the 21st-century skills, we offer a supplementary Kids’ club program for owlets with unplugged coding and maker projects to extend their weekly learning!

What We Focus:
• STEAM mindset and thinking skills
• Character development through Growth Mindset
• Creativity & Imagination
• Literacy
• Cooking Skills and Food Knowledge
• Life Skills

Weekly Theme & Recipe Sample

Week 1:

Learning Quest: 
What make your heart light up?
STEAMulating Recipes:
Heart-shaped Cinnamon Roll

Week 2:
Learning Quest: 
How much can your heart hold?
STEAMulating Recipes: 
XOXO Heart-shaped Cookies

Week 3:
Learning Quest: 
How to shoot kindness straight from the heart?

STEAMulating Recipe:
Heart-shaped English Scone

Week 4:
Learning Quest: 
Ways to speak from your heart
STEAMulating Recipe: 
Hearty Chicken Pita Pocket

Workshop Photos