Guudnest Holiday Camps Introduction:

Winter Camp
Did you know that the Chinese New Year is the longest and largest holiday celebration of the year? Let’s celebrate Chinese New Year and prepare festive traditional dishes while learning more about the culture and history of each meal. Listen to stories on how our Chinese zodiac started and which food represents longevity, wealth, and health. 


Spring Camp
As the flower start to blossom and the insects start to crawl out, let’s enjoy the cool weather of Spring and enjoy the scent of fresh flowers. Be prepared to learn the Science of nature – the ’how’ and the ‘why’ it happened. With the curious mind, Spring camp will be the best season to learn all about our mother nature.


Summer Camp
This summer prepares your curious mind, eager hands, and love-for-learning heart as we visit many interesting worlds which will surely give you great inspirations, learningful takeaways, and new founded interests and skills to create a WORLD of your OWN! There are many worlds to explore and learn this summer! Let's piece together what we learn and create memories from many worlds to make a world of your own!


Christmas Camp
The best season ever! What makes our Christmas special? We get to travel around the globe on Santa’s sleigh! Fly with Santa and take a peek on how children all over the world celebrate, and what food they cook during this season of love and giving.



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