GUUDNEST’s First Culinary-led, STEAMulating Curriculum

A robust curriculum with a special blend of key learning ingredients. We believe that cooking lends itself well to education in the 21st century. Oh My GUUDNEST way of learning uses a special flavorful and learningful blend ingredients of:

  • Sensory learning experiences through the 5 senses are like food to the brain of young children.
  • S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) cultivates a set of essential mindset and skills that help children think, solve and invent things in a creative way.
  • Growth Mindset allows children to thrive and embrace challenges head-on with good character traits

By combining these 3 important ingredients with cooking, it produces a very powerful way of learning that is fun, stimulating, hands-on and tasty! Children get to feed the food they cook not only to their body, but also to their brain, enabling the development of knowledge and essential skills for them to thrive in learning and living in the 21st century.

The Development of GUUDNEST’s Culinary-led, STEAMulating Curriculum

Developed by a team of experts and from an upgrade based on a successfully implemented, year-long, culinary-led curriculum
Our curriculum is developed and delivered by a team of teachers and experts who pioneered the multi-disciplinary learningful play program through food and cooking since 2012. Through the accumulation of our theory-in-practice, research and development, we are proud to share our goodness way of learning and seek to the growth of wisdom with parents and children.  

Learning is powerful when it is relevant to children’s life


Each and every learning topic is purposely made relevant to children’s lives—from things in their daily living, seasons and holidays to connect them with traditions and culture. This allows children to instantly apply what they have learned, giving them a sense of achievement, purpose, and satisfaction... Hence, they are motivated to expand, improve and invent.

The Delivery of GUUDNEST’s Culinary-led, STEAMulating Curriculum

Each and every workshop has been purposely prepared to give children full STEAMulating and tasty learning experiences. The delivery of each workshop includes:

1. A weekly theme deriving from the monthly theme that is relevant to children’s daily living and school learning topics

2. The workshop starts with an open-ended question: the ‘Learning Quest’

The quests reveal the unknown! Questions wake children's brains, ignites their curiosity and challenges them to find answers and/or come up with ideas. Our goal for the Learning Quest is to promote critical thinking and communication skills, encourage children to apply existing knowledge and skills as well as expand their knowledge and skills in order to address the Learning Quest.

3. One thematic, STEAMulating recipe

Cooking pairs well with the 5 senses and S.T.E.A.M. learning concept. Thus, the delivery of the cooking activity is designed to be hands-on in two aspects:
  • To encourage children to use all of their 5 senses during the cooking process
  • To incorporate the key elements of Science, Technology, Engineer, Art and Math to promote and cultivate a set of essential skills that help children think, solve and invent things in a creative way.
While the kids participate in cooking activities, it’s a good opportunity for them to also cook up good characters for a growth mindset! We purposely designed the weekly recipe to go with the learning theme and use morals and inspirations from a story to instill ideas and actions that promote good character traits for a Growth Mindset

4. A weekly S.T.E.A.M. challenge project based on the learning theme

To foster the S.T.E.A.M. mindset and thinking while facilitating children’s communication and social skills, a weekly S.T.E.A.M. challenge based on the learning theme is assigned to the children during the workshop, along with materials and ingredients. Kids will work on their S.T.E.A.M. challenge using our inquiry model and worksheets to build a good learning habit of inquiry and documentation.

5. It’s Owl’s learning journey: It takes a village to raise a child.

Family engagement is critical to each student’s success. Our program encourages the involvement from all stakeholders in a child’s life in their learning through providing parent notes, parent sharing sessions and space for the owl learning community to share their wisdom and goodness.  

6. Kids’ Club: a supplementary of non-screen activities to stretch the weekly learning theme.

With a looser structure, kids have the opportunity to apply new techniques they have just learned to activities and projects that interest them. Kids can join the kids’ club either before, or after the scheduled workshop.