Tasty & Learningful Play Model 
Food and cooking is a powerful learning tool to bring up happy, healthy children, and equip them with essential life skills. Not only Kidchen Club’s curriculum built upon food and cooking, but our learning model is also greatly inspired by a unique knotted twist shape food called, Pretzel. Although Pretzel carries a cultural and spiritual symbol of the crossed-arms of a person in prayer, and a sign of good luck and prosperity, the shape of pretzel resembles the learning platform aspired by Kidchen Club.

Why Pretzel? 
Pretzel represents the three most important stakeholders in our learningful play model—children, parents, and Kidchen Club.The three parties work with one another to form loops around the three core elements of a child’s Heart, Head and Hands.To represent the techniques that Kidchen Club uses to deliver its program, a whisk and a pencil are placed at the end of the Kidchen Club Pretzel. Kidchen Club’s food-led curriculum is thus developed through a careful integration of culinary, play and learning.

 The whisk represents a creative learning through culinary and play. 
 The pencil represents the academics and procedures sides of multi-disciplinary learning subjects.

Engage the Whole Child through HEAD, HEART & HANDS
We are all influenced by a combination of preferences for thinking (head), doing (hands) and feeling (heart). Kidchen Club’s food-led curriculum aims to involve children’s head, heart and hands to help set children on a path to healthy living.

HEAD: Thinking / Learning
Children are given opportunities to
• Learn facts: cognitive
• Learn to ask questions & draw conclusions
• Learn to think

HEART: Feeling / Affective Actions
Children are given opportunities to
• See and create beauty in the world
• Develop empathy and care for creatures and others
• Develop values and understand time and place, and code of ethics

HANDS: Doing / Skills
Children should be given opportunities for
• Hands on projects
• Lend hands to serve others
• Build connection to community
• Learn essential life skills

The 5Es Enriched Environment for Learning
Children learn and make senses of things around them through play. A quality play in the right environment helps promote learning. In the Kidchen Club’s learning model, Pretzel is placed on a baking tray representing our supportive environment for delivering our program. Kidchen Club makes every effort to ensure that our Environment consist of all the 5Es. 

ENGAGEMENT: Children are engaged when the activity stimulates interests and curiosity, and sparks up the FUN of all things related to the activity.

EMPOWERMENT: Children are empowered under a supportive environment in which personnel, tools, materials, and equipment are organized and readily available for them to learn and play.

EXPLORATION: Children are encouraged to constantly explore using the basic 5 sensory skills.

EVALUATION: Children are evaluated from the beginning to end of the workshop to ensure appropriate delivery of instructions is in place. After the workshop, children are evaluated for their satisfactions of the lesson through emoticon stickers and the take-home worksheet.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Children are continuously encouraged to put forward their effort toward the realization of their full potential. A sense of achievement and self-worthiness are constantly given to children before, during, and after the workshop.

Pretzel Rules in the Kitchen
Kids, remember to Pretzel in the kitchen so that the time you spend cooking will be more enjoyable and learningful!
P ut on an apron, Put things in place & Prepare yourself
ead the recipe and additional instructions
yes are ON! Always pay attention in the kitchen!
idy up and clean as you go
one out distractions
ngage with a teamwork spirit
 isten, ask and enjoy!